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Customer Success

by Stewart Reed, Customer Success Manager & Cultural Lead

Why is TrueRoll’s Customer Success Team the Secret Ingredient for our Customers?

TrueRoll’s goal is to help empower our customers to achieve and maintain a clean property tax roll through historical reviews and continuous proactive monitoring.  To accomplish this, TrueRoll takes a unique approach to ensure our customers get value from our service year-in and year-out: 


Introducing the TrueRoll Customer Success Team.


What does Customer Success mean? I’ve never heard of that.


In the antiquated model of technology solutions, companies provide slow, reactionary “customer service” - only dealing with problems as they come up. In TrueRoll’s model, our team proactively looks for ways to collaborate with our customers to make sure they are getting the value they deserve and expect from our solutions. 


How does the Customer Success Team at TrueRoll engage with its customers?


From the very start, we will set up meetings to verify our data, then provide training and support materials for our clients. We then have a series of ongoing tuning and feedback sessions, followed by quarterly business reviews. Our support team is always happy to answer any questions, and we want to be available every step of the way. We love seeing our clients and partners at conferences too, so be sure to stop by to say hello!


How do we measure the success of our customers?


Through our customer success efforts, we help our customers measure various success criteria that are important to them.  We collaborate with our customers to ensure they achieve their unique, individualized outcomes within a framework of success criteria that our customers have expressed interest in: Results, Accuracy, Values and Efficiency.  These success criteria are described below and form the core of TrueRoll’s R.A.V.E. customer success model.



Identifying unqualified and unclaimed exemptions 


By utilizing our web-based solution, our customers can easily identify potentially unqualified property tax exemptions. We identify flags, or reasons why we think someone does not meet the qualifications for a primary residence exemption, and display them in an easy to use format, configurable to mirror customer workflows.  Our customers can then remove these unqualified exemptions, recovering back taxes if needed, and preventing inaccurate exemptions in future years. TrueRoll is so confident in our work that if we haven’t helped you recoup AT LEAST what you paid for TrueRoll, we'll pay back the difference.  We're not worried about this, we usually help return 10x or more.



Making sure TrueRoll is providing the right data and information


TrueRoll recognizes the challenges in achieving and maintaining an accurate tax roll. The traditional 3-5 year audit cycle used for primary residence exemptions fails in that it only provides a snapshot of the tax roll. By the time investigation work has concluded on potentially unqualified exemptions, the tax roll is already inaccurate again because of moves, deaths, rentals, and more. Using TrueRoll empowers customers not only to audit their current tax roll, but monitor it going forward to maintain accuracy, and prevent future unqualified exemptions. This piece of mind gives our customers confidence that they have a fair and accurate property tax roll.



Helping our customers maintain a fair and equitable tax roll


Whether our customers are elected or appointed, they share a set of values. They want a fair and equitable property tax roll. This means not only determining which exemptions are unqualified, but also finding citizens that are qualified for an exemption they are not claiming. TrueRoll identifies both, and can help facilitate identifying and communicating with folks who are entitled to an exemption they aren’t receiving. We know that most unqualified exemptions are due to error, not malicious intent, and we want to help identify them as quickly as possible to avoid costly and burdensome collection of back taxes.



Making the best use of limited staff resources


We know that our customers’ offices are incredibly busy with the myriad tasks they are responsible for, and so TrueRoll provides tools to significantly increase the efficiency of their processes. No more manually searching for rentals, obituaries, and out of state homestead exemptions - TrueRoll will discover them and display them all in one interface. Our Direct2Parcel™ feature allows customers to link directly to other jurisdictions property pages as well, so no more internet searches for other properties held by the owner. This time can be better spent by staff looking at the potentially unqualified exemptions TrueRoll identifies, and ensuring that tax rolls are accurate. Soon, TrueRoll will provide even more time-savings with our TrueApp solution, allowing customers to review new homestead exemption applications quickly and accurately.


“What gets measured gets managed”

Quarterly business reviews to make sure you’re on the right track.


At our quarterly business review meetings, TrueRoll’s staff work with our customers to make sure they are getting the Results, Accuracy, Values and Efficiency benefits they expect. If there are areas that need additional effort, we come up with a collaborative plan for the next quarter. As an agile startup, we are able to rapidly respond to customer enhancement and configuration requests, ensuring that our customers feel heard as we work together to achieve the goal of a clean and accurate property tax roll.

Stewart Reed

Customer Success Manager & Cultural Lead

Stewart is a former public school educator who values lifelong learning and critical thinking skill-building, because the future success of our society relies on being able to interpret and use information and data. He has a background in financial crimes and fraud investigation, as well as customer success initiatives.

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