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Our Commitment to the Tax Community

New CE Opportunity Supports Property Tax Professionals
by Sandy Steele, Marketing Manager

IAAO Lectures, Texas Continuing Education and More Value for the Community

The work of property tax professionals is essential for successful communities. Property taxes fund the core services of government, providing safety, education, infrastructure, libraries, social services, and more to a jurisdiction’s residents. Fair, equitable taxation provides the foundation for these services and other programs that ensure quality of life for all community residents. 

Beyond normal duties, property tax professionals must complete rigorous annual continuing education (CE). In Texas, for example, such staff are required to complete 12 hours of CE each year, through courses that are approved or recognized by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. In any location, it can often be a challenge to find courses that are not only approved but that offer truly unique and helpful insight.

To empower these professionals, a new training opportunity from TrueRoll is being debuted in Texas; one that will soon roll out to other states. “We know how hard property tax professionals work day in and day out to enable policy goals and drive municipal strategies forward,” Tyler Masterson, CEO of TrueRoll noted. 

“It’s our goal to help make their lives easier — operationally as well as professionally.””

The first course will focus on the best ways to keep tax data clean with a streamlined, effective exemption auditing process. This matters a great deal. Learning how to move beyond cumbersome, manual practices immediately frees up staff time for more strategic work and helps counties discover new revenue, making property tax professionals true heroes. 


TrueRoll was selected for the Education Track at IAAO Annual Conference in 2021."Title: Improving Property Data Integrity - the Foundation of Valuations"

Sandy Steele

Marketing Manager

Sandy Steele lives in the Dallas area with her family. She has served in the appraisal & tax industry since 2010. Away from the office she is often found asking for help reaching items on the top shelf, doting on her granddaughter, browsing craft stores, or trying to figure out what her British husband has just said. Her biggest obstacles in life stem from being vertically challenged. In fact, when asked about writing a “short bio” she did question whether this was a personal attack on her height.

In addition to improved internal operations, jurisdictions of any size benefit from trustworthy tax rolls. Fair assessments create equitable and thriving communities. Residents benefit as well, as new insight helps people discover eligibility for tax benefits. 


“Our veteran industry experts are committed to empowering the property tax community through meaningful educational opportunities,” Masterson noted.

“These seasoned professionals have fine-tuned how to find unclaimed exemptions to improve department workflow and benefit all stakeholders, including elected officials and taxpayers.”

To sign up for a course in Texas or to be notified of approved credit opportunities in your area, visit TrueRoll’s education page. Accredited classes will be offered live as well as on-demand to fit into busy work schedules. “Because our guiding principles include empowering and elevating the property tax community,” explained Masterson, “ we also want people to visit the site and request classes that they’d like to see. Our data analysts and exemption experts are ready and eager to meet practitioners’ needs.”

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