The TrueRoll Announcement Blog

  • Sandy Steele

Fannin CAD

Please join us in welcoming our latest addition to the Trueroll client family, Fannin CAD! We are excited to be providing the right tools to make sure their homestead exemptions are qualified.

Why TrueRoll? Like most appraisal offices, the exemption application verification process took place when the application was turned in. This means that the exemption crew had to rely on things like returned mail and reading the obituaries for notifications of a change.


Wait...the obituaries? Why?? I know it sounds crazy to read the obituaries to see if a taxpayer passed away but hear me out. When someone dies and has an exemption, the family left behind to handle the estate usually isn't thinking about exemptions.

If a change isn't reported, there is a chance that they could lose the exemption and, in some cases, owe back taxes. The appraisal district is there as a service to the taxpayers, so they will do their best to ensure that the surviving family is aware of the need to update the application. As you can imagine, just reading the obituaries and trying to match to the correct taxpayer is pretty challenging.

That's where TrueRoll comes in. Our system gets information from thousands of sources to pinpoint qualifying events that would change a homestead exemption status. Now, if a taxpayer has passed away, the appraisal district can get the correct information to the right person, so there is no lapse in the exemption status.

That's why people say we're kinda like a superhero. Ok, maybe that's not EXACTLY what they say....but that's probably what they mean. We are excited to be that hero for Jeanne, Dawn, Chris and the rest of the team over in Bonham, Texas!