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  • Jessica Dragan

Mike Lischio has a Fan Club

Recognizing hard work and dedication in the St. Johns County Property Appraisers Office

When residents need to engage with local government about taxes, the general sentiment doesn't usually err on the side of "joy." The public doesn't often put much thought into what goes on behind the scenes, and they usually aren't thinking about how much work surrounds serving the public. Working in a government office is often a thankless job, so when public servants get accolades, it's a big deal!

Mike Lischio works in the St. Johns County Property Appraisers office, and I am not sure he knows

it, but he has a fan club. The fan club started forming around Halloween when Mike and the team debuted their epic group costume. More and more members joined while quietly observing the accomplishments and successes of Mike and the team.

The truth is, this fan club mainly existed in secrecy. Until recently, praises of Mike were shared with internal fan club members only. This is where the story takes a turn.

In early January, St. Johns County Appraisal Office received the 2021 TrueRoll Innovation Award. In their social media announcement, the office made a point to feature Mike and highlight his efforts.

Spoiler alert: The fan club is the TrueRoll team

"Mike has used TrueRoll more than I have," said Tyler Masterson, co-founder of Trueroll. "He is for sure TrueRoll's most prolific contributor to innovative advancements."

Plot Twist! We aren't the only members.

The number of "likes" and "comments" following the announcement painted a clear picture. This

thing is bigger than we could have ever realized.


The cat is now out of the bag, and we are relatively confident there is an

"Official Mike Lischio Fan Club,"

somewhere out there. Great job, Mike.

If the president of your fan club could please direct us to where we can purchase a t-shirt, we would be forever grateful!