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Customer Success: Livingston Parish

Livingston Parish, Louisiana: The Livingston Parish Assessor's Office (LPAO) has spent the last few years focused on tax roll accuracy throughout a three-phased process.

  • Phase 1: Historical review

  • Phase 2: Improve vetting of new exemption applications

  • Phase 3: Proactively monitor the qualification status of all exemptions.

In Phase 1, LPAO completed a comprehensive audit of roughly 40,000 homestead exemptions by reviewing the qualification status of every parcel. In Phase 2, parish assessor Jeff Taylor implemented an AI-driven process to verify every new exemption applicant to ensure they met all legislative criteria including not receiving a 2nd homestead elsewhere.

Most assessors would consider those two sets of progressive controls a significant boon to taxpayers.

However, Assessor Taylor understands that tax rolls are dynamic and life situations change. The applicants may change their use of the property over time or experience other life events that change the qualification status of their exemption (marriage/divorce, death, new homes). Because of this, the only way to maintain the accuracy of the tax roll is to monitor it proactively.


Livingston Parish Assessor's dedicated focus on tax roll accuracy and progressive adoption of modern compliance technology continues to yield hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue annually for the shared benefit of taxing jurisdictions across the parish. 

“We wanted to proactively communicate with our citizens to help them stay within compliance and avoid any surprise tax bills. When an exempt parcel is listed for rent in Livingston, and the owners move away, we want to proactively help those homeowners by updating their exemption status.”

- Assessor Jeff Taylor, CLA

Understanding the benefits of tax roll accuracy and the benefits of acting on exemption changes as they happen, Assessor Taylor contracted with the only company in the industry that could assist him in Phase 3 of this initiative, TrueRoll.


TrueRoll's proprietary monitoring technology allows LPAO to receive real-time notifications of potentially disqualifying events for parcels as they happen. The two-time GovTech Top 100 technology company enables offices around the country to update the exemption status of each parcel on-demand. Using this technology, assessors can be confident that everyone is paying their fair share, at the right time.

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