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Demo Proactive Homestead Monitoring by TrueRoll™

In-person field-agent visits, audits every 5 years, and other traditional tactics can lead to missing out on revenue as unqualified exemptions slip by for years, resulting in surprise bills and frustrated residents. Say good-bye to these delays in accuracy by welcoming real-time automation, which ensures both unqualified and unclaimed exemptions are uncovered speedily.

TrueRoll helps Assessors/Appraisers/Auditors in over 10 states assess the most likely infractions and immediately take action—all from the same dashboard. 

Yes, I want a demo.

What governments gain by using TrueRoll:

  • Identifying unqualified exemptions before they auto-renew

  • Identify unclaimed exemption

  • Increased tax revenues 

  • Time savings through automation

  • Improved relationship with the taxpayers and the Auditor/Assessor/Appraiser’s office

  • Reduced citizen disruption by proactively identifying unqualified exemptions

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