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Demo End-to-End Homestead Administration by TrueRoll™

Say goodbye to delays and inaccuracies with real-time automation and data-driven eligibility checks. Introducing the first all-in-one solution for historical audits, new application vetting, and proactive eligibility monitoring, ensuring sustainable homestead accuracy.


Yes, I want a demo.

TrueRoll helps assessment professionals assess the most likely infractions and immediately take action—all from the same dashboard. 

In-person field-agent visits, audits every 5 years, and other traditional tactics can lead to missing out on revenue as unqualified exemptions slip by for years, resulting in surprise bills and frustrated residents.

What governments gain by using Proactive Monitoring:

  • Identifying unqualified exemptions before they auto-renew

  • Identify unclaimed exemption

  • Increased tax revenues 

  • Time savings through automation

  • Improved relationship with the taxpayers and the Auditor/Assessor/Appraiser’s office

  • Reduced citizen disruption by proactively identifying unqualified exemptions

TrueRoll helps application review teams reduce their review and processing time by up to 80%. 
Screenshot 2024-05-09 072140 App vet ipad.png

Piles of backlogged applications from many different channels, incomplete information and a lack of access to key data to check eligibility all add up to a frustrating homestead application process for staff and residents.

What governments gain by using Application Vetter:

  • Streamline productivity with multichannel paper and electronic intake all to one online dashboard

  • Receive instant eligibility recommendations with customizable business rules and easy-to-read validation checks

  • Utilize bulk-approval and action workflows to enhance accuracy and save time

  • Ensure smooth data flow with CAMA systems with direct integration or easy bulk downloads

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