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Meet Our Customers

TrueRoll™ is the only homestead analysis solution built specifically to make assessors’ and auditors’ jobs easier. Get inspired by our customers and see how they use TrueRoll to proactively maintain accurate property tax rolls.

"TrueRoll is a blessing."

- Brandi, Chief Appraiser, Hansford CAD, TX


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Ascension Assessor Looking at Returns of Over $1M for Cities, Schools, and Safety

By the end of this year, it is projected that Ascension Parish taxing bodies will receive over $1M in tax revenue that would’ve otherwise gone uncollected from the affected parcels who were unfairly receiving the homestead discount.


Data-Driven Outreach Results in 100+ Exemptions

For St. Johns Residents

TrueRoll helped St. Johns County identify and reach out to 1,900 homeowners who could be eligible for a property tax exemption.  As a result, the county has granted 100+ exemptions to residents who had not known they were entitled to the benefit.


Delivering Accurate Data to Cook County, IL

"I am excited to have the TrueRoll platform and business model in our office, and I am much less concerned about the validity of our exemption roll in the coming years."


- Chief Data Officer


St. Johns County, FL Uncovers Hundreds of Improper Exemptions

In mere months, TrueRoll identified more 900+ properties with unqualified home exemptions—to the tune of $100 million taxable value added and $1 million back taxes and penalties collected.


Three Phases to Achieving Tax Roll Accuracy.

  • Phase 1: Historical review

  • Phase 2: Improve vetting of new exemption applications

  • Phase 3: Proactively monitor the qualification status of all exemptions.


A Better Alternative to Occasional Audits for King County, WA

“We need a wide net of information via a data mining resource. This will really enhance our time spent on our investigative process and improve accuracy.”

- Al Dams, Deputy Appraiser

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The Right Tool for Finding Unqualified Exemptions in Walker County, TX

"It was essential to find a tool that would notify the team when an exemption became unqualified. We also needed to ensure we had all the necessary evidence to take action."

-Stacey Poteete, Chief Appraiser