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Ensure Accurate Property Tax Exemptions with TrueRoll™

The TrueRoll platform scours 1,000+ data sources to create a prioritized list of homestead exemptions that need attention.

TrueRoll begins with data: Our platform scours a multitude of national and local data sources - from the tax rolls of over 3,000 counties to DMV databases to rental listings to social media profiles - to uncover potentially unqualified homestead exemptions.

TrueRoll Actionable Data

Once you’ve reached a verdict on the validity of the exemption, taking action is easy: From within the same user-friendly dashboard, you can opt to send a questionnaire to the homeowner, remove the exemption, lien the property, snooze the candidate, and several other actions.

The next steps are yours: Using TrueRoll’s prioritized list, your office will dig deeper to confirm if the candidates TrueRoll has discovered merit further investigation and then take action accordingly. 

By reviewing individual candidates, you’ll see why they were flagged, the property’s tax history, and more relevant details. While results are listed in priority order, it’s also possible to sort and filter the list using several meaningful criteria.


How Is TrueRoll Different?

Three things set TrueRoll apart:


This is all we do.


Proactive monitoring capability for real-time results.


TrueRoll learns as you use it.

We designed and own our unique data stack, built specifically for Homestead Monitoring, consolidating over 1000+ different data sources, including data on rentals and military service exceptions that other vendors do not provide.  TrueRoll integrates with your CAMA data to return a prioritized list of probable exemption infractions. 

Armed with reliable intel and an integrated workflow, we empower governments to reconcile exemption errors with speed, accuracy, and transparency—and then keep their tax rolls up to date. Thanks to this real-time monitoring of owner occupancy credits and exemptions, you can put an end to audits—for good. 

Based on your usage TrueRoll learns what flags best predict an exemption removal and compiles a confidence-sorted list for your review. This ensures you and/or your staff use their time to review the most valuable candidates while the others continue to be monitored for moves, rentals, obituaries, etc.

Ready to see how TrueRoll can help discover unqualified homesteads?
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