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TrueRoll Core Values

At TrueRoll, our core values are more than just a set of guidelines; they are the essence of our identity and the heartbeat of our work environment. Unlike aspirational ideals, TrueRoll’s core values are deeply embedded in our everyday actions and policies. They are practical and effective, guiding every decision we make and every strategy we implement. This practical approach ensures that our values are not just words on paper but are actively lived and experienced within our organization.

1. Focus on customer outcome: Quality of service, and customer value should be #1 to everyone.

  • The products that TrueRoll creates help empower governments to serve their constituents accurately and efficiently.

  • No shortcuts. We deliver quality products and services.

  • Our deliverables are equitable.  While a customer’s specific scope may vary, customers with the same scopes receive work of the same standard. 

  • Sometimes there are competing customer outcomes. We appreciate that each teammate has a unique perspective and experience that leads our teammates to favor one outcome over others.

2. Treat others with respect and empathy:   Challenges and motivations can be unique and produce different experiences for each team member. Be mindful and empathic to our differences on our team and within our customer family. Always give each person the opportunity to share their opinions.  

  • We treat one another and all our customers fairly and kindly.

  • We are empathetic collaborators who understand the goals of other individuals and departments and recognize that we all have the same ultimate goal.

  • We go out of our way to put disagreements in perspective when they arise.

  • We celebrate the success of others and recognize great collaboration across teams.

3. Own it:  We tackle difficult issues with data, AI, and customer configurations to provide solutions for our clients, and support our customers and colleagues with transparency and integrity when we make mistakes.

  • Directly responsible individuals make the decisions at TrueRoll.  

  • We are accountable for our responsibilities and notify leadership early when responsibilities are at risk of not being fulfilled.

  • Only some things will always go as planned. Individuals who cannot meet a responsibility will be accountable for the gap and collaborate on solutions to improve the outcome going forward.

  • We work to uphold our core values and help new TrueRollers learn them by demonstrating the values daily.

4. Go the extra mile:  Thinking creatively to produce and execute novel, impactful initiatives.

  • We are proactive and go the extra mile to resolve personal conflicts across teams in a respectful way.

  • We want better. We continually seek to improve TrueRoll and its deliverables.

  • See something, say something (and do something).  We identify ways to go beyond expectations when proposing and executing improvement initiatives.

  • Quality above all else. Multiple teams should be involved in inspecting the quality of customer deliverables, and their feedback should be discussed collaboratively.

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