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Customer Success: Walker CAD

Walker CAD knew that their process for identifying un-qualified exemptions needed improving. Running audits every 3 to 5-years came with many challenges, along with being inefficient and costly. Walker partnered with TrueRoll for the solution.  

Taxpayers with exemptions are generally unaware of the rules that would cause their exemption to become unqualified. Appraisal Districts in Texas rely on taxpayers to inform them of changes regarding their property (change of ownership, change of primary residence). If the taxpayer forgets, that may mean an exemption will remain in place for several years before an audit would identify it. Once discovered, a taxpayer is often back-assessed, which means sending out a bill for the taxes owed. Walker staff didn't like the potential hardship the taxpayer would have to face with an unexpected bill. It was an all-around negative experience for everyone. 


The TrueRoll proactive monitoring service was the solution they were looking for. When an unqualified exemption is detected, the team is notified and reaches out to the taxpayer much sooner, no more back assessed bills for their taxpayers! The Walker CAD team now has the tools to discover unqualified events as they happen.

Congratulations to the team at Walker CAD on your successful project to improve efficiency for the taxpayer and the appraisal district staff. Walker County is the latest Texas county to strengthen its exemption process. Walker joins other Texas counties like Bosque, Grimes, Gregg, Clay, and McLennan that are also current TrueRoll partners.

"It was essential to find a tool that would notify the team when an exemption became unqualified. We also needed to ensure we had all the necessary evidence to take action."
-Walker CAD Chief Appraiser, Stacey Poteete


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