Education For Property Tax Professionals

TrueRoll is committed to empowering the property tax community through meaningful educational opportunities.

We know that property tax professionals have a lot on their plate so our goal in providing education is simple: Provide the Continuing Education credits they are required while sharing ways to streamline their processes for even greater productivity.

Our courses are relevant and free. As an added bonus, if you are in Florida or Texas you will receive Continuing Education credits for our courses. 

Current Courses:
Best Practices for Proactively Monitoring Exemption Accuracy
Length: 50 Minutes
Cost: Free
Format: On-demand Webinar
Qualifies for Continuing Education in Texas
Exemption Auditing Strategies – Keeping Your Tax Roll Clean
Length: 1 Hour
Cost: Free
Format: Live Webinar On June 22, 2021 at 2pm Central
Qualifies for Continuing Education in Florida

Our goal is to serve your government and its citizens with more accurate information. Unlike other solutions that promote disruptive audits every five years, TrueRoll offers a proactive approach to exemption monitoring that was specifically designed to make it easier for auditors and appraisers to do their jobs and to further a more transparent, equitable government.

The TrueRoll Difference