TrueRoll Webinar Series

Best Practices for Proactively Monitoring Exemption Accuracy

Unqualified exemptions can be tricky and time consuming to identify.  Like needles in a haystack, you have to look at a lot of data manually to identify potential candidates to investigate further.

In this webinar in our new Continued Learning Webinar Series we will go over the foundation of a best-in-class exemptions monitoring process and tackle the activities your jurisdiction can do to identify unqualified exemptions right now.


Day: May 20, 2021

Time: 2pm Central

We will be covering:

  • The Importance of Address Cleansing

  • Dual Homestead Identification

  • Recent Moves, Changes of Addresses

  • Short Term Rental Properties

  • Department of Public Health - Obituaries

Webinar Experts

Tyler Masterson

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler has 10+ years of experience as a strategic advisor for public sector leaders with Tyler Technologies, Socrata, and Lagan 311 prior to co-founding TrueRoll. He has a deep understanding of governmental priorities, as well as hands-on experience developing data-centric solutions for the worlds most progressive cities, counties, and states. Tyler holds an engineering degree from the University of Illinois and lives in Chicago.

Stewart Reed

Fraud Investigator, Customer Success Manager

Stewart is a former public school educator who values lifelong learning and critical thinking skill-building, because the future success of our society relies on being able to interpret and use information and data. He has a background in financial crimes and fraud investigation, as well as customer success initiatives.

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Our goal is to serve your government and its citizens with more accurate information. Unlike other solutions that promote disruptive audits every five years, TrueRoll offers a proactive approach to exemption monitoring that was specifically designed to make it easier for auditors and appraisers to do their jobs and to further a more transparent, equitable government.

The TrueRoll Difference